Environmental - Green Team

Environmental - Green Team

Join the Green Team which works with the Environmental Commission!

Lets keep HP Clean and Green!

For FREE Document Shredding Events in the Bergen County Area go to Bergen County Utility Authority's website BCUA.org under Recycling to see the event schedule.  This website provides all the latest information on recycling of all sorts, from household to hazzardous materials.


Please be mindful of the neighborhoods where you walk your dog(s). 

All dogs are required by Ordinance to be on a leash.  In addition, you are required to curb your pet and pick up the waste matter, disposing of properly.  Lets work together to keep our neighborhoods, yards, Borough Parks and School ground clean and healthy for our community. 

Thank you for this consideration.


Established by Chapter 15 of the Borough’s Code 7 members, 3-year term, Mayoral appointment


“The mission of the Harrington Park Environmental Commission is to promote in general an environmental,

ecological conservation and natural resources program for the Borough.

The HPEC will study and make recommendations to the Mayor and Council on matters that concern open space,

water resource management, air pollution, noise pollution, solid waste, soil and landscape protection,

environmental appearances, marine resources, and protection of flora and fauna.

In addition it is charged with research into the use of existing or potential open land areas within the municipality,

as well as working with other organizations or unofficial bodies concerned with open space and environmental issues.”

The Environmental Commission generally meets on the first Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm at the Borough Hall.

Environmental Commission Members:

Peter Ardito, Chair 2006-2019

Meredith Budinich 2017-2019

Theresa Hazelton 2014-2019

Ann Lander 2013-2020

Mary Ann Schran 2008-2019

Sung Min Yoo -Filling Unexpired Term through 2019

Clerk: Marti Francis


Current Minutes

    January 10, 2018    February 7, 2018
        Cancelled       April 4, 2018
       May 2, 2018      June 5, 2018
      July 11, 2018   September 5, 2018
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      January 11, 2017     February 1, 2017
        March 1, 2017        May 3, 2017
        April 5, 2017  
        June 8, 2017        July 5, 2017
       August 2, 2017   September 6, 2017
      October 4, 2017   November 2, 2017
    December 6, 2017  ******************
      January 6,2016     February 3, 2016
        March 2, 2016         April 6, 2016
        May 4, 2016          June 1, 2016
        July 6, 2016        August 3, 2016
   September 7, 2016       October 4, 2016
    December 7, 2016  


 Additional Information and Minute Archives 


Instead of discarding unwanted items, try donating or selling them.  

Not only will you be reducing waste, you can help others at the same time.  

Check out the opportunities on the link above for a variety 


Environmental Resource Inventory

 Link for ERI Complete Document

          Location Map              Vicinity Map     
       Topography & Slopes           Soil Classifications
            Flood Plains      Surface Water Resources
   Hydrography & Watersheds         Env Sensitive Areas
       Property Ownership     Property Ownership Private
      Property Ownership HP     Property Ownership SUEZ

lawnFor Stormwater Management Information:  njstormwater.org

Mayor's Corner

"This new website  brings clarity and understanding as to what makes Harrington Park such a desirable community to call home.  I hope this site adds to your appreciation and knowledge of what great services the Borough has  to offer."
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clerk@harringtonparknj gov
Ann H. Bistritz RMC CMC CMR
85 Harriot Avenue
Harrington Park, NJ 07640