Environmental - Green Team

Environmental - Green Team

Join the Green Team and the Environmental Commission at Pondside Park, November 11, 2017 at 9am. 

We are planning a clean up of this very pretty park. 

Your help is truly needed to keep ahead of those that litter our grounds. 

Lets keep HP Clean and Green!


Please be mindful of the neighborhoods where you walk your dog(s). 

All dogs are required by Ordinance to be on a leash.  In addition, you are required to curb your pet and pick up the waste matter, disposing of properly.  Lets work together to keep our neighborhoods, yards, Borough Parks and School ground clean and healthy for our community. 

Thank you for this consideration.

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Current Minutes

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 Additional Information and Minute Archives 


Instead of discarding unwanted items, try donating or selling them.  

Not only will you be reducing waste, you can help others at the same time.  

Check out the opportunities on the link above for a variety 


Environmental Resource Inventory


          Location Map              Vicinity Map     
       Topography & Slopes           Soil Classifications
            Flood Plains      Surface Water Resources
   Hydrography & Watersheds         Env Sensitive Areas
       Property Ownership     Property Ownership Private
      Property Ownership HP     Property Ownership SUEZ


Mayor's Corner

"This new website  brings clarity and understanding as to what makes Harrington Park such a desireable community to call home.  I hope this site adds to your appreciation and knowledge of what great services the Borough has  to offer."
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