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Please be advised that the following application will be heard at the Harrington Park Board of Adjustment meeting at 7:00pm on February 24, 2021, at the Borough Hall, 85 Harriot Avenue, Harrington Park, NJ via remote meeting:

Mr. and Mrs. Schneider, 29 South Street (Block 1319, Lot 22), Harrington Park New Jersey, seek maximum improved lot coverage and side yard variances for an in ground pool.   As per Harrington Park Code R-1 350-7 C. (2) 45% is the maximum improved lot coverage permitted.  The proposed pool and existing conditions would exceed the maximum by 3% with the amended proposal.  As per Harrington Park Code 350-47 H. (2) the pool water's edge shall not be closer than 15 feet to the property line.  The proposed pool's water line is 12'7" on the left side of the pool. 

The applicant may also request any additional approvals, variances, waivers, exceptions or any other relief, which may be deemed necessary upon review of the application by the Zoning Board of Adjustment.

Pursuant to Governor Murphy’s Executive Orders #107 and 108 ordering Statewide lockdowns, and P.L. 2020, c. 34 permitting public bodies to conduct meetings via electronic means during declared states of emergency, the Regular meeting of the Borough of Harrington Park Board of Adjustment scheduled for February 24, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. will be conducted remotely from the electronic meeting platform  Members of the public can join the meeting and participate during public comment period by joining the meeting using the Zoom mobile application on a smartphone or tablet, joining the meeting by laptop with microphone capabilities, or dialing in using a telephone to the Zoom teleconference system.  Information on how to join the meeting electronically appears below.

Members of the public may submit written comments in advance of a meeting, which will be read during the relevant public portion of the meeting.  Written comments shall contain the person’s name and address and may be submitted via email to the Board Secretary (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or by mail addressed to: Land Use Secretary, Borough Hall, 85 Harriot Ave., Harrington Park, NJ . Emailed comments must be received at least 48 hours prior to the meeting. Mailed comments must be received by 4:00 p.m. the day before the meeting.

If any meeting includes a public hearing, all material that will be considered by the Board of Adjustment at the public hearing shall be posted on or linked to the homepage of the Borough’s website in a conspicuous location or as otherwise required by law.  Written comments, as set forth above, will be accepted for such public hearings.  If sworn testimony is to be taken during the public hearing, it shall be broadcast by both video and audio.  Written public comments will not be considered where sworn testimony is required.

Topic: Harrington Park - Board of Adjustment Meeting (February 24, 2021)
Time: Feb 24, 2021 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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​​​​​​A copy of the agenda and meeting materials may also be requested by calling the Borough Clerk or submitting an e-mail request to the Land Use Secretary.  Members of the public may contact the Land Use Secretary to obtain copies of the meeting materials by calling the Borough Clerk at (201) 768-1700 during the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. during normal business days, or by e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

All documents for matters on the agenda are electronically on file at the following website:

Please be aware that the audio connections for all members of the public will be muted for the duration of the meeting, except for those periods when public comments are received.  Members of the public may use the “raise your hand” feature on Zoom, or may e-mail the Land Use Secretary during the meeting, to request to participate in public comment portions.  Any member of the public will be unmuted for the purpose of making public comment, or may submit a comment by e-mail to be read by the Land Use Secretary.  The Land Use Secretary's e-mail is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The Borough may impose time limitations on the length of individual speakers.  

Members of the public are advised that the video and audio of the meeting will be recorded and will be a public record subject to disclosure pursuant to the Open Public Meetings Act.  The Borough reserves the right to post the recording of the meeting to its website.

Formal Action may or may not be taken on any other business that may come before the Board.​​​​​​

All meetings of the Harrington Park Zoning Board of Adjustment (i.e., official public meetings, work session meetings, pre-meeting assemblies and special meetings) are public meetings which are always open to members of the general public.

Meeting Agenda February 24, 2021

29 South Application Documents

29 South Avenue Site Plan

Click here for Application Documents

Updated Survey for Highland Avenue Application


​​​​​​****************************PLANNING BOARD MEETINGS BEGIN AT 8PM-Council Chambers, Borough Hall-85 Harriot Avenue

 Planning Board Members 2021

Board Clerk, Carolyn Lee      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.          Tel:  201-768-1700

Chapter 30A Composition:                              

Mayor (I) Paul A. Hoelscher, Mayor (1992-2023)               

Bd. Of Adj. Member (II) Richard McLaughlin (2005-2024)    

Council (III) Allan S. Napolitano (2012-2021)         

4 Members (4 years) (IV):                      

Peter Ardito (EC Rep.) (2009-2023)   

Jesse Barragato (2015-2022)                             

John Capazzi, Chair (1993-2023)                                                                                                  

Robert Waldron (2014-2021)                                            


(a) (1 year) Denise D. Vela (2018-2021)                                     

(b) (1 year) Steven Beubis (2021)                                                                   

Board Attorney-Gail Price, Price, Meese, Schulman and D'Arminio

Board Engineers-Nelgia Engineering 

Municipal Planner-Richard Preiss


Board of Adjustment Meetings begin at 7pm-Council Chambers, Borough Hall-85 Harriot Avenu

Board of Adjustment Members 2021

Board Secretary, Carolyn Lee  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.          Tel: 201-768-1700                               

Chapter 30 A-7 Members-4 Year Terms:

Robert Budinich  (2016-2023)                                                   

Jin Cho (2013-2024)                                                                

Steven Lott  (2015-2022)                                                        

Richard McLaughlin, Chair (1988-2024)                                          

Stephen Martinez  (1998-2024)                                                         

John Powers (2013-2024)                                               

Michael Roth  (1989-2024)                                                                   

Allan S. Napolitano (Liaison:  Non-voting position)) (2012-2021)

2 Alternates 4 Year Term:               

(a) Gail Zaccaro  (2017-2023)                                              

(b) Robert Frank  (2020-2023)     

Board Attorney-John Schettino

Board Engineers-Neglia Engineering

Municipal Planner-Richard Preiss                                           





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